The Trust, as a company, enters into a funding agreement with the Secretary of State and is legally responsible both to the Secretary of State and to parents and pupils for the running of its academies. It has predominantly a three tier governing structure made up of Members, Directors and the Local Governing Body.

As a Member, functions include:

  • Overseeing the achievement of the objectives of the company
  • Taking part in annual and extraordinary general meetings
  • Appointing governors
  • Signing off the company’s financial accounts and annual report
  • Power to amend the Articles of the company and, ultimately, to remove governors/directors

The Members are:

  • Professor Mary Stuart
  • Professor Val Braybrooks
  • Mr R Buttery

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors (or Trustees) is the overarching body that has overall responsibility for running the multiple academies. In essence their purpose is three-fold; setting the direction; holding the Headteacher/Principal to account and ensuring financial probity.  As such they set the strategic direction for the Trust and are accountable to the Secretary of State for the performance of the academies within it.  The Directors will most likely delegate the day to day running of the schools to the Local Governing Body of each Academy via a scheme of delegation however they must still comply with duties under both charity and company law.

The Lincolnshire Educational Trust Ltd Board of Directors comprises:

  • Professor V Braybrooks (Chair)
  • Professor I Abrahams
  • Mr A Breckon CEO
  • Mr S Baragwanath Principal
  • Mrs S Boor Principal
  • Ms L Stanton Principal
  • Mrs J Worth
  • Ms J Parry
  • Mrs C Hamblett CFO

Each school will have its own Local or Academy Governing Body.

The Academy Governing Body

An Academy Governing Body (AGB) is formed for each of the schools. The governors will be delegated certain functions through a scheme of delegation enabling each governor to understand his/her role and responsibility within the academy however the Directors remain accountable for these functions.  It is therefore essential that governors have the key skills and attributes to carry out their roles effectively to assist in achieving the Trust vision.

The Academies

University Academy Holbeach

Holbeach Primary Academy

Gosberton House Academy 

Holbeach Bank Academy

The Academy Committees

In addition to the Trust, there is a Committee for each of the Academies. The Committees operate much as an individual school governing body would. Where the Trust is responsible for the overarching strategic direction of the Federation as a whole, the Committee works on a more day-to-day basis with the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) of the Academy.