Mission and Values

The Mission of the University of Lincoln, sponsors of the Lincolnshire Education Trust Ltd:

‘A university looking to the future’ where we see serving and developing our local, national and international communities by creating purposeful knowledge and research, confident and creative graduates and a dynamic and engaging workforce.’

The Mission and Values of the Lincolnshire Educational Trust are based on University’s, Mission, Vision, Ambition, Values and People set out in its 2011-2016 Strategic Plan, plus the mission and values of the three academies.

The Mission of the Lincolnshire Educational Trust:

A Trust that seeks to develop academies that are schools of first choice through their educational excellence, developing young people to enhance their life chances through academic, cultural and sporting achievements, personal development and becoming confident life long learners.

The Lincolnshire Educational Trust values:

  • Every child and young person enabled to achieve their maximum potential, with learners and teaching being at the heart of all that we do
  • Parents and Carers who support their children’s learning
  • Our excellent staff who are trained and encouraged to bring out the true potential in others
  • An aspirational, ambitious and innovative can do environment for all our learners and staff
  • Partnership working where genuine collaboration, care and collective responsibility for one another takes place and enhances learning for all
  • Intelligent accountability that is rigorous in its application and seeks to enable every child and young person to progress their learning
  • High levels of integrity from everyone and the development of our learners and staff to take personal responsibility for their actions
  • Making education enjoyable and creating a desire to want to learn more.

Individual academies within the Trust may add to or expand on the values, but such changes must be submitted to the Board of Trustees for approval.

Approved by the Board of Trustees 21 October 2014.