Policy and Guidance Documents 

The Trust has established a basic set of policies and key guidance documents and determined where best the responsibility for these rests.  They are classified in five groups: General, HR, Finance and Audit, Children and Young People and Premises. After each document heading is a symbol representing which group has responsibility and approves the policy and or guidance document. ‘T’ represents Trust Board, ‘AGB’ represents Academy Governing Body and ‘P’ represents Principal.


Governance – Processes and procedures and scheme of delegation (T)

Child Protection Policy (AGB)

Keeping Children Safe in Education Policy and Procedures (Safeguarding) (AGB)

Policy for supporting pupils at school with medical conditions (AGB)

Admissions Arrangements (AGB)

Mobile Devices – Staff and Pupils (AGB)

No Smoking Policy (T)

Data Protection (T)

Complaints Procedures (T)

Freedom of Information (T)

Equality Information (T)

Website Publications (T)


Teacher Performance Management (T)

Principal’s Performance Management (T)

Teachers’ Pay and Conditions (T)

Staff Leave of Absence Policy (T)

Staff Capability (T)

Staff Disciplinary & Code of Conduct (T)

Staff Grievance & Dignity at Work Policy (T)

Staff Equality Policy (T)

Staff Attendance (T)

Central Record of recruitment and vetting checks including safe recruiting (AGB)

Procedures for dealing with allegations of abuse against staff (T)

Finance and Audit

Finance Policy and Procedures (T)

Audit Policy and Procedures (T)

Counter Fraud Policy (T)

Charging and Remissions Policy (T)

Whistleblowing Procedure (T)

Children and Young People

Behaviour Policy including Bullying (AGB)

Attendance Policy and Procedures (AGB)

Assessment and Monitoring Pupil Progress Process and Procedures (AGB)

Marking Policy (P)

Sex Education (AGB)

Special Educational Needs (AGB)

Curriculum Policy and Subject Policies (P)

RE and Collective Worship (P)

Early Years Foundation Stage Policies (P)

Home-school agreement (AGB)

School Uniform Policy (AGB)

School Prospectus (P)


Health and Safety (AGB)

H&S Fire Safety Policy (AGB)

H&S Fire Emergency Plan (AGB)

Premises Management (P)

Accessibility Plan (AGB)