Welcome to the Lincolnshire Educational Trust (LET)

Mary StewartThe University of Lincoln has been supporting education in Lincolnshire for 20 years and for most of that time we have worked closely with schools on a range of initiatives and many of our staff has worked as governors or trustees of schools. In 2011 the local authority asked the University to become sponsors of the new secondary academy in Holbeach. The academy has merged on the Holbeach site, the existing school in Holbeach with the secondary school in Crowland, which it had been managing for three years. Our experience of sponsoring the University Academy Holbeach has been totally positive with the academy growing particularly at sixth form level and providing a very rich and broad curriculum for all students ranging from A level to apprenticeships, with extended study periods outside normal hours and extensive extra curricular activities. This has produced excellent outcomes with very good student progress through the hard work of a very ambitious and committed group of staff. There are excellent facilities following a £9 million building programme and genuine innovation in the academy, for example all students having iPads to support their learning.

In 2014 Holbeach Primary School asked to join the Trust and as a result the University had to establish a multi-academy trust that is called the Lincolnshire Educational Trust (LET). Holbeach Primary Academy joined the Trust on the 01 September 2014 and the integration has been seamless and extremely positive.

The Trust warmly welcomed Gosberton House School to the multi-academy trust on 01 September 2016, following a short, smooth transition over the summer.

Gosberton House Academy is a specialist primary school, mainly for children with an Autistic Spectrum Disorder. The Trust along with University Academy Holbeach and Holbeach Primary Academy look forward to working closely with Gosberton House Academy.

We have a clear philosophy that education should be enjoyable and develop young people with the skills, knowledge and desire to become life long learners. We believe in empowering our Principals to lead their academies within a framework of rigorous accountability at Trustee and Governor level. Our mission focuses on children and young people making excellent progress in their academic, cultural and sporting achievements as well as their personal development.

We will be delighted to provide further information about the Trust and our academies.

Professor Mary Stuart
Vice Chancellor University of Lincoln
Chair of Members Lincolnshire Educational Trust.

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